Meet the Between the Posts Team


Martin Davies

Martin is our managing director and the founder of Between the Posts, which he launched in 2011. He has been working in international journalism, campaigning, and PR for the last 25 years. He spent 18 years working for the BBC World Service, and was the manager of journalism and production in the training department, editor of BBC African productions, in charge of the BBC's sport offer to Africa. A seasoned campaigner using multi-media he is also an expert in maximising the commercial value of the media in developing markets.


Durosimi Thomas

Durosimi is our head of training and new media, with more than 20 years’ experience of journalism in Africa. He began as a print journalist in his native Sierra Leone, before working for the BBC in a number of countries including Ghana, Tunisia, Morocco and Guinea. He led Between the Posts training projects with ADD international and designed and led training modules on how to integrate social media. He is renowned for his knowledge of African football, which we utilize in our sports projects.


Zaneta Skerlev

Zaneta is our Eastern European specialist, and she has worked as our storyteller in Macedonia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, and Armenia. She was editor of newspapers and magazines in her native Macedonia before joining the BBC World Service, where she started the Macedonian service before working for the BBC management board on PR and communications. Zaneta has led training and consultancy projects in conflict areas, especially in former Yugoslavia, for areas such as print, electronic media, and social media.


Rob Beechey

Rob is a documentary filmmaker and photographer who has been based in East Africa for the last five years. Rob has worked on our film and stills content in Tanzania for TMF and ADD international, and in Kenya and Uganda for our contract with Habitat for Humanity. His work beyond Between the Posts has entailed documentaries for a wide range of clients, including the African Union, the United Nations, WWF, USAID, Water Aid, UNICEF, and the BBC.


Natalie Safar

Natalie is a client relations specialist who works on our market research. She managed our partner relationships during the Project Everyone campaign, and also supports our website. Natalie has worked out of Zurich, London, and Miami, and her experience and contact with international media organisations comes from a decade of growing partnerships for the BBC's Business Development team, as well as delivering events and launches throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.


Mary Kiio

Mary is our representative in Kenya, and has worked for us on content-creating trips, training, and partner relationships. She worked for six years as a trainer and mentor for BBC Media Action, Internews in Kenya, and various media houses across the country. Mary is adept at radio, TV, and print, and she continues to develop creative content designed to hold governments to account, while ensuring the stories revolve around ordinary people.


Terry Wilson

Terry has worked on all of our films in Eastern Europe, as well as producing Between the Posts in-house edits. Terry is an award-winning, self-shooting director who specialises in short-form video content. An ex-BBC producer, he's worked across the globe in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the US. Terry has produced short films and TV commercials for broadcast and online for a range of clients, including NGOs, charities, and blue chip companies.


Wence Mushi

Wence is a journalist and editor who has worked closely on our projects for ADD International, Habitat for Humanity, and the Tanzania Media Fund. He has a wealth of experience in both the government-owned media and the private sector in Tanzania. Fluent in English and Swahili, he was previously the managing editor of a national daily newspaper, Daily News, as well as a director at a private broadcast company, IPP Media.