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Amnesty International

Amnesty International wanted visibility through the media to reach decision makers and middle- class audiences in African societies where human right violations continued in the slums in the same cities the middle-class target audiences lived. Between the Posts designed and led this long year project. Working with key media organizations, we offered training and editorial support for air-time and delivered hours of impactful content to target audiences.

Habitat for Humanity

 We produce films and online stories to target influencers and funding bodies in the global North. We work closely with Habitat’s teams to find the human narratives which best articulate the difference this organization is making to people's lives. So far, using our Eastern European expertise, we have produced stories in Macedonia,Bulgaria, Bosnia and Armenia as well as drawing on our African understanding in Uganda and Kenya.

Pulse Consortium IITA/CIAT/Legume Innovation Lab

Just two weeks before the Pan-African Grain Legume Conference in 2016, we were commissioned to provide a PR service to highlight this conference and scientific innovation within Africa. We delivered the organizer's goals by placing content with broadcasters who national reach. This was in seven target countries selected by the client: Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, and Uganda, In addition we provided additional exposure through placement with international outlets: BBC, RFM, and Deutsche Welle.

Sports News Africa

Sports News Africa commissioned us to run an editorial service for their daily, half-hour TV show, which was distributed across 16 countries. We ran a diary and planning process, commissioned production teams in Africa and provided a daily news prospects service to the studio team in London who produced the show. 

IYP through Dissident

Creative agency Dissident commissioned our services to reach out to the international media around the International Year of Pulses 2016. We worked with bean developers and scientists to create story lines and brokered placement meetings with international media: Reuters, AFP, Deutsche Welle, BBC, IHA, and Chanel Africa.

Tanzania Media Fund

Tanzania Media Fund wanted to create a deeper, longer lasting accountable transformation of the media. They commissioned Between the Posts to design and roll-out a process of transformation over a period of two years involving more than 40 media organisations. Transformation was achieved through site visits, training, ongoing mentoring and monitoring to ensure progress was realized.

ADD International

Disability rights campaigners, ADD International, have a goal of creating inclusive education in Tanzania. They want children with disability to be educated alongside able-bodied children. For two years, in exchange for training and editorial guidance, we delivered visibility through the country’s leading media and created content for ADD to demonstrate its value internationally.

Project Everyone

For ten months, Between the Posts worked for this Richard Curtis led initiative to promote awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals using radio across Africa. We negotiated media partnerships which delivered hundreds of broadcasters who carried content created by global stars. We ran audience advisory focus groups, station brain storms and managed partner relations.

Help Age International

Between the Posts delivered two content creation projects with Help Age International in Tanzania. We brokered content placement with media partners and then worked alongside Help Age International to provide story briefings and then offer editorial, production, and technical support to ensure the clients needs were met, during content collection and at the time of transmission.

Child to Child

This NGO engaged Between the Posts to advise on setting up production processes and systems to run and deliver a child focused radio offer in a remote part of Sierra Leone. We delivered production and technical training, content delivery solutions, provided temporary studios, and supported initial broadcast roll out deals.

BBC Media Action

The international development arm of the BBC engaged our expertise in media transformation and commercialization training. We designed and delivered a training module for BBC partners across seven countries, which we are now developing into an online learning module. We have subsequently delivered commercial radio training in Somalia and consulted on media business plans in Afghanistan. Media Action also commissions our training and consultancy services in Algeria and Ethiopia.


We have produced content on sports and development for online, film, and audio. Material has been commissioned by BBC Sport, BBC Africa. The World co-production in the USA, and we won a commission to deliver an hour long documentary about life in the slums for BBC World Service. BBC Business Development regularly commissions Durosimi to deliver specialist courses, mostly for sports journalists, for BBC partners across Africa.

AFI and Nations Cup Daily

Between the Posts created African Football International, a half hour football show on radio and online, which was broadcast on two occasions by commercial radio stations in five different African countries. We worked with the top names in African football, securing interviews and providing analysis of developments in the game. We have also developed a bespoke audio and online bulletin for clients, which we offer at the time of the African Cup of Nations.

Other Production Work

BBC Media Action, ADD International and TMF all commissioned films of the work we had concluded with them. We have delivered commissions by Deutsche Welle radio and online in Germany, by Al-Jazeera online and by the international radio service, The Monocle. As part of our commission for Radio Everyone, we produced a flagship, one-hour radio show presented by Ethiopian athletics legend Haile Gebrselassie.

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